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We are always interested in vocal health, and anything that can make the singer’s or singing teacher’s life easier.

That’s why we’re really happy to know the people at Vocal+Care.com, who are the foremost UK suppliers of great natural health options for singers!

We personally use a lot of their products here in the VIDLA office, and know that many of our graduates, students and colleagues do too. We can highly recommend Singers Saving Grace throat spray (tastes dreadful, works wonders!), Thayer’s Dry Mouth Spray, and the wonderful Hearfones (teachers – until you’ve tried these little beauties, you just can’t understand how great they are)!

Check out the vocal care site: http://www.vocal-care.com

One thought on “Vocal Health Products

  1. I remember some years ago an actor…and i just cant remember his name !…being asked if he did anything to help his very distinctive resonant voice……and he said..”I always have a swig of worcester sauce just before im due to go on,..works wonders !”….I didnt live in worcester back then, but i think living here now has reminded me of his words……give it a try.

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