VIDLA sponsors Training Vocal Athletes workshops Autumn ’09

Robert Lunte Workshop SeriesVIDLA is proud to be sponsoring The Vocalist Studio‘s Training Vocal Athletes workshops in the UK in the Autumn.

Our Principal, Ria Keen and one of our senior Personal Tutors, Cordelia Lewis, worked with TVS Founder and CEO Robert Lunte earlier in the year and had a great time at his workshop in central Birmingham.

Georgina Hill-Brown of VocalTutorThis time, the whole thing’s going bigger and better, and we’re working in partnership with VocalTutor to make this new series of workshops an absolute blast for all concerned!

Robert is currently in talks with some of the biggest music and vocal training academies in the UK to set up convenient dates.

Meanwhile VIDLA / VocalTutor are concentrating in particular on a big date at the ICMP in London. This weekend of workshops will include a Masterclass in Extreme Vocal Technique with Robert Lunte, separate workshops with Ria Keen (Principal, VIDLA) and Georgina Hill-Brown (founder and CEO, VocalTutor), then even more opportunities to book one-to-one lessons with any of those three luminaries!

More news, dates and details as they arrive! Meanwhile check out The Vocalist Studio Workshop site for a glimpse of Robert’s Extreme Vocals style training.

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