IADL Accreditation Approved

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We are delighted to announce that VIDLA is now an Accredited Member of the International Association for Distance Learning (IADL).

The IADL was established to promote quality in distance education and training, and to provide approval and recognition of open, online and distance learning programmes and course providers worldwide.

IADL members include schools, private training companies, corporate training departments, colleges, universities and other organisations on four continents.

Admission to membership of the IADL includes appraisal of a course-provider’s administrative procedures, methods of course delivery, and its educational and publicity materials. Consideration is also given to in-house quality control systems. Members are assessed to ensure that learners receive a product which is consistent with the values and policies set by the IADL. Course providers are required to undergo periodic re-assessment by assessors and evaluators nominated by the IADL.

At VIDLA, we are more than pleased to be accredited by such a reputable organisation, and are delighted that out students have the assurance that our courses, quality standards and systems have been rigorously assessed and evaluated by specialists in the field of distance learning.

All the best,

The VIDLA Team

4 thoughts on “IADL Accreditation Approved

  1. Ria:

    This is amazing. I think your amazing.

    The Vocalist Studio stands by to flex its muscle and influence to help you to take VIDLA to the next level.

    The Vocalist Studio stands poised to support VIDLA and do all it can to take you to the next big step.

    Let me know when your ready to conquer North America, Ill be your field commander.

    Robert Lunte
    founder – The Vocalist Studio
    founder – The Modern Vocalist

    1. Robert,

      Many thanks for your continued support. VIDLA is proud to be a friend of The Vocalist Studio, and we are looking forward to continuing to develop our courses and provision.Your support and friendship remain a delight.

      Looking forward to seeing you in the UK for your ‘extreme vocals’ workshops in November 🙂

      Ria Keen
      Principal, VIDLA

  2. Ria,

    This is brilliant news and a fantastic achievement.
    We look forward to offering every possible assistance and our full support whenever required on this next exciting phase of the VIDLA development.

    Paul Eastwood

    1. Paul,

      Thank you so much for your good wishes. VIDLA is fortunate to have the support of Vocal-Care, and we look forward to continuing to work in partnership with you as the exciting future unfolds!

      All the best,

      Ria Keen
      Principal, VIDLA

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