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Ria has been chatting a lot to our lovely friends at Vocal-Care.com this week, and of course we’ve just done the article about coffee and hydration, so we thought it was a good time to remind you what great products Vocal-Care have to offer, and how much difference it can make to both singers and singing teachers, to have access to their wide range of vocal products and facilities.

The smashing bloke who runs the company, Paul Eastwood, is tireless in seeking out the very best products for singers and singing teachers. He’s an office favourite!

We’re particularly big fans of certain of the Vocal-care products, and use them all the time.

For example, we’re loving the Singer’s Saving Grace throat singers_saving_grace_prospray. The pro strength one has a rather ‘unique’ taste but it works like a charm – and if you can’t take the flavour, then it also comes in Citrus & Honey flavour.

vocalezeThe other great throat spray is Vocal-Eze. Ria road-tested both of these sprays earlier in the year, whilst working with a cast of 80 actors doing a seven-hour production of ‘War & Peace’. It was really hard work, but both Ria and the cast swore by these sprays. If you fancy trying them out, they’re even available in handy ‘trial size’ bottles. You can’t go wrong!

hearfones_tnRia uses the revolutionary Hearfones in her private teaching studio, and says that her students love them. OK, at first you might think you’re looking at some slightly odd medical device  (!), but believe us when we tell you these things rock!

They allow singers to hear themselves in the same way that others hear them, in amazing clarity! They also help people who tend to ‘force’ their singing to pull back without losing their richness or power, and Ria says that students will often make micro-adjustments to their technique on a subconscious level, when working with Hearfones. They’re quite simply a brilliant invention and we want to give a big shout out to the guys who came up with them. If you’re a singing teacher, there’s every advantage in investing in a pair.  We’ve also found that they’re very useful on days when the voice is a bit tired, or when you have a cold but have to sing – wear your Hearfones for your warm up session and you’ll find your voice responds better and thanks you for it.

yogi_throat_teaAnother firm favourite among all the VIDLA staff, as well as Ria’s private students is Yogi Tea, especially the one called ‘Throat Comfort’. It has a fantastic ‘warming’ quality in the throat that goes way beyond expectations. It also seems to help the voice to ‘clear’ on those nasty groggy days.

Vocal-Care also offers a wide range of training products, CDs, headphones – and so much more. There’s a massive range of goodies to choose from, so why not pop in and have a look? Tell them we sent you. 🙂


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