Dena Murray Talks VIDLA

dena4Master Vocal Coach and celebrated author Dena Murray is the VIDLA Patron. This week, we were lucky enough to receive these kind words from her:

I learned about VIDLA from the website The Modern Vocalist. Dr. Keen and I are Subject Matter Experts for that site. We began correspondence and to my surprise and delight, found out that her teachings are very similar to mine.

The idea that there is a distance-learning Vocal Academy for students all over the world to train and learn from that caters to any singer who wants to learn how to sing and/or teach thrilled me. I was also impressed that the school is accredited, with access to degree level study.

I work on my own. However, I, too, teach singers from all over the world. Some of them come to the United States just to study with me. Others I teach online via SKYPE (from the U.S. all the way to China). I also teach those who want to be vocal instructors how to start and set up. Many of who have gone on to instructing in music schools located in their countries.

After Dr. Keen told me she had read my books and was aware of my work, it was then that I became familiar with more of hers. I can assure you, we had a lot to chat about with one another!

I have recently completed my third, and last book, on Vocal Technique, “Vocal Strength and Power” to be published by Hal Leonard Corp. in late November. Dr. Keen is one of the few who recognized where I was headed with all my work.

The first book, “Vocal Technique, A Guide to Finding Your Real Voice” instructs how to build up the muscle groups that control the stretch of the vocal cords (also known as Vocal Folds). The second book, “Advanced Vocal Technique: Middle Voice, Placement and Styles“, co-authored by Tita Hutchison instructs the singer with a step by step description of how to gain placement in the mask, bridge the breaks, and styles. And now with this third book, Vocal Strength and Power, it completes the series by instructing how to take in the air properly for the support needed from the diaphragmatic region. Between the three books, we now see that the entire voice works as a unit, how one region supports another and cannot work without the other.

This latest book has already received a rave advance review by acclaimed vocal scientist D. Steven Fraser (to be published shortly before the book’s release). I hope to not only help singers with this last addition, but instructors as well. It includes a glossary of dictionary-defined words used to teach voice by all of us. This was an eye opening experience for me, realizing that so much misperception with regard to different methods of teaching on the part of the student all comes down to the true meaning of a word.

I hope any of you who have questions you’d like to ask of me will take advantage of it by e-mailing me:

To be affiliated with one of the world’s most foremost Academies for vocalists is nothing less than an honor and privilege. To be working alongside the very gifted Dr. Keen is a dream come true.

A big hello to all who are already studying, and a big welcome to those just coming aboard.

Thank you Dr. Keen for such a wonderful opportunity to be of service.

Dena Murray

One thought on “Dena Murray Talks VIDLA

  1. I would like to say what wonderful people, voice instructors and mentors Dena Murray and Dr Ria Keen are.
    VIDLA is offering a unique opportunity to learn from the worlds best.

    The unique partnership of the exceptional teaching of Dena Murray as Patron of VIDLA with Dr Ria Keens incredible vision, talent and enterprise for teaching and course co-ordination, is beyond comparison in the world.

    These courses will not only teach you to sing, they will open you to a new journey in music and life.

    Dame Hilary Canto
    Voice Coach & Healer, Visionary Singer/Songwriter

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