Robert Lunte Workshops November 2009

rob singingOur good friend and supporter, Robert Lunte of The Vocalist Studio, Seattle, and author of The Four Pillars of Singing, is coming to the UK next month for a series of workshops, teaching his ‘Extreme Singing’ techniques.

The dates are:

Tuesday November 10th: Worcester 10am – 2pm

Wednesday November 11th: Birmngham 1pm – 5pm

Thursday November 12th: Worcester (private lessons)

Saturday / Sunday 14th / 15th November: The ICMP, Kilburn, London

Don’t miss these great opportunities to work with Robert and learn how to do things with your voice that you didn’t think were possible!

For details, please visit this link: tvs workshops

2 thoughts on “Robert Lunte Workshops November 2009

  1. Right on… very nice posting here. Oh I see, its wordpress-ski.

    cool, thanks for your support Ria… No TVS workshop in the UK can happen with out my partner, Dr. Keen.

    Folks, this is really great pedagogy and some cool new ideas for bridging the passagio and getting full tone in the head voice. Come to one of the workshops this month… I would love to work with you. I gurantee results.

    You can get more information and pre pay for lessons here:

    Robert Lunte

  2. Robert’s work is highly recommended – he gets incredible results and, for my money, his should be the automatic choice-of-pedagogy for rock singers (in particular, but in fact any singer) who wants to learn about bridging and connecting, and getting some amazing mix register power and range.

    I am delighted, as Principal of VIDLA, to enjoy a strong working partnership and friendship with Robert Lunte and The Vocalist Studio.

    I also recommend to all singers that they sign up to The Modern Vocalist ( an extraordinary online community and resource for singers, of which Robert is the Founder and CEO.

    Ria Keen

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