VIDLA – Attracting Top-Quality Students Worldwide

At VIDLA, we offer courses for everyone, starting with the Certificate in Contemporary Vocal Teaching, up to the Higher Diploma. We therefore expect to attract a wide range of students, from beginners to very experienced practitioners.

We are always delighted with the standard of students who sign up to VIDLA’s Distance-Learning courses. People from extraordinary industry backgrounds are attracted to our courses – singers with international recording / songwriting / performing pedigrees; teachers who have been working in vocal coaching for years, but who lack a formal qualification; practitioners with Master’s Degrees in Performance, who now want to move into teaching, sharing their accumulated knowledge with their own students.

And what if you’re a complete beginner? Well, we require all students to have a background in singing / performing, but our Certificate course is perfect for those who have perhaps just a few years of singing experience, but no teaching experience. Each student is assigned a Personal Tutor, who is on hand to guide and advise throughout any given course. As we only  employ highly experienced, well-qualified  coaches to be Personal Tutors, each student is assured the support of a top professional during their studies.

Best of all, having started (or completed) a course, the feedback that we get always tells us that the courses are worthwhile, challenging and cost effective, and that the individual support of a Personal Tutor is worth its weight in gold.

We try extremely hard to provide a high standard of educational content for our students, covering a broad range of pedagogies. In doing so, we promote the work of some of the world’s top writers, coaches and pedagogues, and are pleased to do so. We also provide our students with our own specialist in-house research papers; after all, our team comprises highly-educated pedagogues with a great deal to offer the industry at large.

As we approach the Christmas season and start to take stock of the year, we would like once again to offer or congratulations to everyone who has completed a VIDLA course this year. Happily, all of our graduating students are now successfully running their own vocal coaching studios. Well done to you all!


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