Study – Managing Your Fears & Expectations

Our Personal Tutors often get feedback from their VIDLA students, telling them that the courses are challenging, demanding, but ultimately fulfilling.

We don’t apologise for the fact that the courses need a high degree of focus and commitment from our students, as we believe that if a qualification is to be worth the paper that it is written on, then it must stretch the student!

The other feedback we get a lot is that students tend to be fearful of handing in their work, believing that it will not be up to standard. This feeling appears to be universal, and does not diminish as much as you might expect, as the course progresses. Each new unit brings new challenges, and new fears of not hitting the mark.

A certain amount of confidence can be gained from just knowing that everyone else feels the same way, but one of the ways that we encourage students to overcome these anxieties is to sign up to the VIDLA Network, where they can talk to other students on the same (or similar) courses, and share ideas and coping mechanisms.

Your Personal Tutor will always be there to offer individual encouragement, and of course our Principal is qualified in self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques, which may be of help to certain students.

Our Executive Team, Ria Keen, Cordelia Lewis, Anne Bradshaw and Alex Weatherhill, are all highly experienced in their fields, and all have tales of self-doubt to tell, if asked. They have all been through the same kinds of pressures felt by VIDLA students, as performers, as educators, and as students themselves. So don’t feel that you’re the only one who has ever suffered with anxiety about whether you’re ‘good enough’ – just speak to one of the team, and chat to your fellow students on the network. You’ll soon realise you’re far from alone!


The VIDLA Team

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