Vocal Workshops 2010

New for 2010, a series of five exciting vocal workshops running once a month from May – September!

The VIDLA Masterclass Series will run in Worcester (led by VIDLA Principal and Master Vocal Coach Ria Keen) and in Bridlington / Scarborough (led by VIDLA SEO, West End artist & celebrated musical director / vocal coach Alex Weatherhill). There will also be a second guest vocal coach at each session, to ensure that everyone gets plenty of individual attention.

This is a great opportunity to train with some of the VIDLA ‘top brass’ so don’t miss out!

Workshops can be taken as stand-alone options, with a Certificate of Attendance issued to each participant (these can be used to prove prior learning and used as ‘credit’ towards any one of our distance-learning courses).

If you’re really keen, you can also take all five workshops, which combined to form a complete course in themselves – the VIDLA Certificate in Practical Vocal Techniques. (Discounts apply when booking all five workshops, which must be paid for in advance).

The course as a whole can also be used as ‘credit’ towards any one of our distance-learning courses.

The workshop titles and dates are:

May 22nd: The Secrets of Great Singing

If you’re a singer who wants to get a good grasp of the most essential skills in singing, or a teacher wondering how to break it down for your students, then this workshop will answer all of your questions! We’ll cover all of the fundamentals: how to set up your body for singing, how to warm up quickly and efficiently (no more mindless scales!), how to manipulate resonance for greater range and power with less effort, why your tongue and jaw matter. We’ll also take the mystery out of breath support! Learn the secrets, and start applying them straight away. Bring a short backing track in your comfort zone and be prepared to have fun! Suitable for beginners, more advanced singers, teachers, or anyone who wants to review and add to their most essential knowledge.

June 26th: Bridging & Registers

“How do I get rid of the breaks in my voice?” “How do I bridge seamlessly between one register and another?” “How do I stop yelling at the top of my chest voice?” “What’s this ‘mix register’ I keep hearing about?” “How can I eliminate vocal strain and hoarseness?”

If you’ve ever asked of the questions then you’re probably human, and a singer…….. This workshop explores the territory that concerns most vocalists – how to bridge seamlessly and how to eliminate those breaks. Bring a short backing track for a song which always gives you problems on ‘the breaks’. Also be prepared to learn a new song and explore the secrets of great bridging!

July 31st: Performance Skills

There’s far more to good singing than good singing technique. In fact, all the technique in the world won’t help you if you can’t deliver the goods as a performer! Can you handle a mic? Does your image work for you? Can you really ‘sell’ a song to an audience? What’s the difference between working with live musicians and working to track? This workshop explores a wide range of vital performance skills, including how to talk to an audience and acting skills for the singer (yes, every good singer is also a good actor)! Bring a short backing track and learn how to really work a stage!

September 4th: Audition Technique (Musical Theatre)

Auditions. The very word fills most performers with dread. This great workshop explore all the tricks of the trade and offers some tools for dealing with the process of auditioning: how to prepare; how to present your music; how to rehearse a piece; how to pick the right’ song; how to edit a song down to audition length.

This is a great day’s learning for actors who want (or need) to sing; drama school auditionees; anyone involved in amateur dramatics, and teachers wanting to know how to approach this specialist subject for their students. Bring a 2-minute audition piece on backing track and be prepared to learn a new one!

September 25th: Vocal Power

Everybody wants more power these days! Every style from musical theatre to rock demands a greater level of vocal athleticism every year. This workshop explores the secrets behind great vocal power. We’ll show you how to get more bang for your buck, using some terrifyingly easy techniques that will leave you wondering ‘why didn’t anyone tell me this before?’. Come and discover more power for less effort, how to belt, how to master resonance and use it to your advantage and – importantly – how to protect your voice while you do it! Bring a short backing track – one which demands power!

Each workshop will run from 10am – 4pm, with lunch and other refreshments provided and included in the price.

Numbers are strictly limited – a maximum of 15 for each workshop, to ensure that everyone gets plenty of attention from the two vocal coaches. However, this means that places are likely to get filled very quickly (we’re taking booking already), so if you want to reserve your place then you need to act now!

Price for individual workshops (includes take-home resources, Certificate of Attendance, lunch & refreshments, and 6 hours training with a top UK vocal coach):  £75

Price for all five workshops, forming the VIDLA Certificate in Practical Vocal Skills, (includes take home resources, lunch & refreshments, and 6 hours training with a top UK vocal coach at each workshop) gets you a 10% discount:  £337.50

Now, we can’t do better than that on price and learning value!

To RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW, please email vms@vidla.org, stating which venue you would like to go to (Worcester or Bridlington/ Scarborough).

Ria, Alex and their colleagues are very much looking forward to working with you!

All the best,

The VIDLA Team

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