The Secrets of Great Singing – Masterclass May 22nd

If you’re a singer who wants to get a good grasp of the most essential skills in singing, update or improve your knowledge and skills, or a vocal coach wanting simple strategies as to how to break down the most important concepts for your students, then this workshop will answer all of your questions!

We’ll show you:

how to set up your body for singing (an often overlooked factor that will make an instant positive impact on your vocals),

how to warm up really efficiently (no more mindless scales!),

how to manipulate resonance for greater range and power with less effort

easy tricks for releasing tension and improving tone

why your tongue and jaw matter

We’ll even take the mystery out of breath support!

Learn the techniques, and start applying them straight away. This is a great opportunity to spend 6 hours with TWO of VIDLA’s top coaches, whether you attend in Worcester or in Bridlington. 6 hours training, lunch, refreshments, valuable take-home resources and certification are all included in the price, which is a bargain £75! That’s roughly the cost of two 1 hour singing lessons – don’t miss out!

Bring a short backing track in your comfort zone and be prepared to have fun! Suitable for beginners, more advanced singers, teachers, or anyone who wants to review and add to their most essential knowledge.

Numbers strictly limited – book now!

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