Why Should You Bother Doing a VIDLA Course?

Distance-learning isn’t for everyone, but there are a lot of good reasons why you may benefit from taking one of our courses if you want to expand your knowledge of vocal pedagogy under the guidance of one of our highly-experienced tutors.

We have many students who come to us with very, very impressive qualifications – SLS, Estill, Kodaly, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in relevant areas, general teacher training qualifications such as the PGCE, plus ABRSM diplomas and so on – sometimes, all in the same package! Often these same people have years and years of top-level stage experience too, and are in possession of outstanding singing voices.

So what drives these people to then sit down and take a distance-learning course, and what do they gain from it? Well, we can only tell you what they tell us, which is that regardless of the extent of their experience and knowledge, they gain an enormous amount of additional information, the capacity to keep re-evaluating existing knowledge – because we must never assume that just because  something is ‘what we’ve done for twenty years’ that it is necessarily still best practise – and the opportunity for an ongoing and meaningful dialogue with a highly trained teacher and industry professional for the duration of their course. You will see a large selection of testimonials on the main VIDLA website, from both former and current students. Their words will say what we can’t!

If distance-learning isn’t for you, then we have a range of Skype courses with leading practitioners, covering different aspects of and approaches to contemporary vocals. We don’t advocate that there is ‘one correct method’ for all singers – there are great things to be learned from all of the well-known methods, and great singing teachers will draw the very best possible techniques from a wide range of pedagogies, in order to create the best possible outcome for their students. All of our ex-students naturally offer one-to-one training and we are working on creating a directory showcasing their talents. We believe in continuing to support our students once they have completed their studies with us, and will happily refer private students to them in their studios worldwide.

There is no governing body for singing teachers and no law saying that singing teachers should be properly trained, in this country. And even then, there would be endless debate about what ‘properly trained’ means! We are after all talking about a subject which is part art form and part science, so it is extremely difficult to pin down and quantify. For these reasons we never tell people that they must hold a qualification. However, for those who choose to train with us, they have the assurance that the courses are accredited, and led by people with extensive training and professional industry experience. We constantly review the literature for the latest developments in vocal pedagogy, and encourage our students and graduates to undertake ongoing professional development with a wide range of excellent training providers.

And what of costs? Well, we try to make our courses affordable, as we don’t believe that good training should be an elitist provision only accessible by the wealthy! For this reason, course costs are kept as low as possible, with fees averaging out at just £40 per month. This is roughly the cost of one singing lesson with a top coach (and of course we accept that one hour face-to-face is very different to distance learning), however, Personal Tutors are available to the students under their care at all times throughout the course, and students always say that our tutors are worth their weight in gold!

Interestingly, we have had several students train with us, after having been expressly told not to by their private singing teachers. We couldn’t possibly comment on what the motivation of those people might be, but assume that they actually had the best interests of their students at heart. Suffice it to say that those now taking their VIDLA courses very soon learned the value of doing so, and have absolutely no regrets!

If you’re considering taking a course with us but are unsure as to whether or not it is for you, just drop us a line and chat it through with our Registrar. We only take on students once both we and they are sure that it is the right path for them, and will refer people to other training providers if we feel that they would benefit more from  a different type of training. You have nothing to lose by asking, and we will be honest and ethical when assessing our suitability for your needs. If you would like to know more about any of our courses or workshops, please drop us a line: info@vidla.org

One thought on “Why Should You Bother Doing a VIDLA Course?

  1. I can only state the enormous benefit I have gained from my studies with VIDLA. When I came to my course I already had a number of years teaching behind me and some well regarded qualifications. I have yet to study on a course however, that has made me analyse my own practice to such an extent, that I have been able to gain so much in so many ways!

    Studying with VIDLA is not just about learning new skills. This is what I came to VIDLA thinking I would gain – and I most certainly have. I have however, also gained the ability to question why? Am I teaching this because it is how I was taught? because it is rooted in sound pedagogical practice? Or because I simply don’t know any other way? My training with VIDLA has made me ask and find answers to all these questions and I know that my practice has benefited greatly as a result, in terms of both reflection and the development of new skills.

    The thought of writing the assigments scared me in the beginning! I had been out of study for some time and worried that I would no longer be up to the task. My advice is don’t let this stand in your way. The VIDLA team are always on hand to give expert guidance through your studies and VIDLA also offers some wonderful practical courses (which are equally beneficial) for anyone who feels the theory side really isn’t for them.

    So, should you take a VIDLA course? In my opinion VIDLA only has positive growth and enormous potential to offer to any practitioner in the field of Singing . My answer has to be undoubtedly yes!

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