Another Diploma Graduate Unleashed in the UK!

Congratulations are due to top-level VIDLA Diploma student Britt Packer, who has graduated this week not only with straight A grades, but also weeks ahead of her completion date!

Britt is an ex-professional dancer who has a passion for singing, and has flown through her VIDLA studies in great style! She is due to formally open her private teaching studio in Worcester, UK in the Autumn, and will be specialising in working with youngsters.

Worcester is clearly a hothouse for singers, as both Principal Ria Keen and Senior Lecturer Cordelia ‘Givvi’ Lewis also have studios there! Ria specialises in musical theatre, pop, hard rock and swing, whilst Givvi specialises in all rock and indie styles.

Britt is also the Dance captain for Worcester’s Voices Unlimited – a ‘giant vocal ensemble’ which regularly sells out theatres across the region.


Congratulations, Britt! Your fabulous certificate is on the way – send us a photo when it’s framed and on your studio wall!

The VIDLA Team

One thought on “Another Diploma Graduate Unleashed in the UK!

  1. Is that l’il ole me?
    Thank you VIDLA team for the opportunity to explore, ‘fine tune’, (pun intended), question, expand, share and, crucially, validate skills I have spent the past twenty years gathering.

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