“Stage Fright to Superstar” programme under way!

From our Confidence Coach, Ash Rutter

I just want to start off by saying how pleased I am to be involved with Ria and VIDLA. She is a hugely inspirational person and I’m honoured to be a part of such a great team of people who are having an amazing impact on the world of singing and teaching.

So after a long time spent in the planning and development stages, we’re all set to start filming the new ‘Stage-fright to Superstar’ training programme this week! How cool is that?! To say I’m just a little bit excited about this would be a MASSIVE understatement and I want to share some of my excitement with you. Now’s probably a good time to let you know what it’s all about…

Well having spent a lot of time working with many different singers and musicians on stage and in the recording studio, I’ve been privileged to get to know some fascinating people, and also notice some interesting patterns between what makes a performance, and even a career, a successful one.

There is typically one thing that gets under the skin of most singers at some stage, and that thing is ‘fear’! Call it nerves, anxiety, stage-fright or whatever, in some shape or form it can have a big impact when it decides to show up. There are some of you I’m sure that feel it’s out of your control, and I want to tell you now that with a slight change of attitude and a curiosity to try something new, you can have all the control you need.

So as the title suggests, the programme teaches you a whole range of skills, techniques and exercises to be able to shift your thinking, control how you feel and perform at your peak time after time, with confidence, power and presence.

I want this training to be as thorough and as relevant as possible, so I really would encourage you to leave me your comments and suggestions on any specific areas that you maybe struggle with, and I’ll get them covered in the programme or answered on my blog in the next few weeks. Catch up with me on twitter and on my blog (www.ashleyrutter.com) and please let me know your thoughts.

I’m just off to chat with Steven Speilberg about the shoot now (obviously a joke but no harm in thinking big right?!) so catch up with you very soon!

Take care!


One thought on ““Stage Fright to Superstar” programme under way!

  1. Ash, this is great! What an exciting addition to the VIDLA provision, and what a joy to have you on the team. I know that there are many singers (and vocal coaches) out there who suffer from confidence issues to a greater or lesser degree – your programme will be such an asset to them. Good luck with Spielberg, tell him he owes me a fiver. 🙂

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