New Year, New Team, New Courses!

We’re looking forward to getting back to business on Monday 9th, and the first thing we’ll do is welcome two vital new team members!

We’ll let you know more over the next week or so, but first let’s introduce our new Registrar, Cordelia Lewis.

We like our people to have industry experience, and Cordelia (also know as Givvi) is an experienced vocalist and  highly-qualified vocal coach, holding both a BA and two VIDLA qualifications.

This is important, because it means that in her role as VIDLA’s Registrar, she will have a great depth of understanding of what our students want and need during the application and registration process. She has an in-depth knowledge of all of our courses, study units and systems, and is ideally placed to help applicants to choose the very best course for them.

Cordelia is also a Personal Tutor and will continue to mentor a portfolio of students as well as fulfilling the Registrar position. We are delighted to be welcoming her to this crucial role in the organisation!

One thought on “New Year, New Team, New Courses!

  1. Welcome to VIDLA, Cordelia! Have a wonderful 2012!

    Erin Simms – Student
    (Advanced Professional Diploma in Contemporary Vocal Teaching)

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