VIDLA Publishing – Launching Summer 2012!

I’m delighted to report that our new initiative, VIDLA Publishing, will be launching this Summer, and that our very first publication will be a collaborative book featuring contributions from some amazing vocal coaches, professional performers and industry experts, including Robert Lunte, Dena Murray, Judy Rodman, Alex Weatherhill, Givvi Flynn, Ash Rutter and Hilary Canto, among many others. (I’ll be in there somewhere too)!

This isn’t a technical book – although we’ll be releasing plenty of those in the future! – but something different, offering a unique snapshot of life in the world of contemporary vocals, whether as a performer, a vocal coach, a keen amateur, a complete beginner, or someone working in related fields such as sound healing or confidence coaching. Our aim is to encourage EVERYONE to sing, or to train to teach if that’s what the spirit moves you to do – because singing isn’t just for elite singers and fully-professional coaches. It’s a way of life, a health benefit and a great hobby too! If “professional” follows then great, but if it doesn’t, or if it just isn’t what you want, then you’re still ahead on points 🙂

Following the launch of this book, we will be releasing books, e-books, video and audio courses and scholarly articles written by our team of experts, and will also be inviting manuscript (and audio / visual product) submissions from other authors for consideration for release via our comprehensive service, details of which will be released later!

If you’re interested in hearing more about this great new service, or just want to be kept up to date with VIDLA’s ever-evolving course provision and other exciting training opportunities, please subscribe to this blog by clicking on the link on the right!

All the best,

Ria Keen (Principal)

One thought on “VIDLA Publishing – Launching Summer 2012!

  1. Fabulous and what an amazing team of experts for every vocal need! It’s a pleasure to be part of such an innovative and professional organisation with colleagues par excellence!

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