Make your vote count for two VIDLA folks! Search for a Twitter Star

Those of you who are on Twitter may know about the recent competition to find top-notch vocalists, run by Twitter phenomenon @westendproducer. He’s looking for an outstanding male and female musical theatre vocalist, and hundreds of people entered by submitting video of themselves singing.

The entrants have now been whittled down and they’re at quarter final stage – and VIDLA has a vested interest in one boy and one girl in the quarter finals!

Dean Bayliss (M14) is a long-term student and friend of Ria, our Principal, and is also part of the VIDLA team, currently working on our new corporate services arm. Laura Poyner (F15) is also one of Ria’s students – and both need your votes in order to secure a place in the semi finals! The final will be held in London’s West End. Unlike the TV ‘talent shows’, this one appears to be genuinely about the talent – and we believe in talent! So PLEASE vote!

Dean wrote this:

Some time ago I idly entered an online talent competition on Twitter being run by the anonymous theatre producer, @WestEndProducer. I received some lovely feedback for my video (If I Didn’t Believe in You – from The Last Five Years) and thought nothing more of it. The competition subsequently gathered quite a lot of steam and a certain amount of industry credibility. It was decided that a live final would be held at the West End’s Lyric Theatre in front of some of theatres biggest of big wigs. Over 700 people entered by submitting a youTube video of themselves and that number has been whittled down by a panel of judges to just twenty men and twenty women for the quarter final stage. I am flabbergasted to say that I am one of those 20 men with the chance to progress to the semi-fina, taking me one step closer to performing in the West End – a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.

This is where I need your help. The semi-finalists are to be decided upon by way of a public vote. I would be eternally grateful if you could take two minutes to follow the attached link, have a listen and vote for me to go through to the next round. I am normally very bad at self-promotion and usually prefer to keep my head down – so I appreciate your time.

If you follow the link below it will take you to a screen where you’ll find my name. Just hit the vote button and job done. Additionally – if you have a twitter account, you can follow @sfatsLIVE and simply send a tweet saying M14. I’d be forever in your debt! (For Laura, send F15).


You will need to create a profile on stagestatus in order to vote, but it only takes seconds. And don’t forget to double your vote by following @sfatsLIVE and then sending a tweet saying M14, and F15.

Let’s get these hugely talented people into the semi-finals! Thank you for your help 😀

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