VIDLA graduate finds new levels of confidence…

Raymond Williams recently completed his VIDLA qualification with flying colours, having faced all kinds of problems along the way but never allowing anything to deter him from his goal. He sent this report to us today, telling us all about a venture he’d undertaken shortly after qualifying. We love hearing our students’ success stories, whichever branch of the industry they work in, from the amateur scene to the top end of the pro spectrum. Many congrats, Raymond! 

Raymond is one of the contributors to the soon-to-be-published launch book from VIDLA Publishing, offering the amateur’s perspective on the value of vocal training. The book also features contributions from some big-name vocal coaches including (among many others!) Robert Lunte, Judy Rodman, Dena Murray and Ria Keen. We’ll let you know the second it hits the stores!  Now to hear from Raymond: 

“Friday the 15th of June was the day of the first ever concert I had organised. This all came from an idea I had at the end of March to put on a concert with songs from the Musicals – old and new. I have often taken lead roles in our local Amdram group but this was different because I was responsible for everything from song choice to tea and coffee at the interval. I managed to enlist the help of a friend who is a good singer and tried to get some other singers without success. So, we decided to do it between the two of us; we ended up with 24 songs. The great thing was that I got to sing songs of my choice although I did have to make sure there were some songs that our predominately elderly audience would enjoy. We sang to a packed house and had to turn people away! I loved every minute of it and we managed to raise £650 for charity.  The audience loved it too and asked us when we were going to put on another concert.

I never would have had the confidence to do this had I not studied with VIDLA. I feel that the Diploma I’ve gained from VIDLA has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to sing so many songs and entertain an audience in this way.  Studying with VIDLA is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It has changed my life and I can’t wait till the next time.

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