New Courses, Lower Fees, 2013 Scholarships… and we’re going global!

We’ve just finished our annual review. We do this because we’re always keen to make sure that we’re delivering the best possible courses for the best possible prices. VIDLA’s continued growth and success over the last twelve months means that in the coming year, we’re going to be able to pass on some of the good stuff to our students, in the form of three brand-new courses and – more importantly for future students – we’ve managed to reduce fees on all of our courses.

Are we mad? Probably. I mean, it’s about making money, right? Yes of course. But it’s also about “The Vision” (The Boss imprints The Vision on everyone who works here, and it’s all good)! The Vision is to deliver top-class teacher training to as many singers as we can. And that means making the training as affordable as possible whilst still maintaining the high standards that we’re famous for. It took some juggling but we’ve done it! So here you go – our courses have all been reviewed and updated where necessary (got to keep on top of the research), and we’ve added three brand new courses to our distance-learning roster:

These are added to our existing provision:

Plus we still offer great ‘blended learning’ short courses (one-to-one online training combined with home learning, with a bunch of tremendous teachers in different singing & performance-related subjects), workshops, private tuition – we’ve pretty much got everything that a singer or singing teacher could ask for!

The next workshop is on November 10th: Acting Through Song with ace actor / director / choreographer Paul Hutton. 11am – 4pm in Worcester. Please click on the link for details. A fab, fun, energetic, smiley, learny (learny? ed.) day is assured!

We are now accepting applications for the 2013 John Owen Jones Award and Steve Balsamo Scholarship. Could you be the lucky recipient of one of our annual scholarships starting April 2013? Why not check out the scholarship pages and see if you qualify?

Oh yes , about the ‘going global’ thing. We’re about to launch three new international offices, in New Zealand, South Africa and United Arab Emirates, headed up by three extraordinary and capable women in the forms of coaches Jo Shanahan, Franky Lekas and Celeste Khanna. We’re extremely excited and looking forward to what these lovely ladies will bring to the table!

Having done all that, we’re off for the weekend for a well-deserved rest. Coffee and cake, anyone?

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