Danusia Samal – a new student who understands the power of social media!

We have a new student starting with us next week. That in itself is not unusual, we have new students starting all the time. What’s unusual is meeting someone who not only has the talent, the looks, and the educational background (trained at The Brit School then Central School of Speech & Drama, no less) but who also understands the huge power of social media as a means of connecting with other artists and (in this case) potential students. Let us introduce you to the lovely Danusia Samal!

Each VIDLA teaching course requires that the student does extensive teaching practise – and that means finding willing guinea pigs. Danusia hasn’t even started her course yet but has already explained on her website that she is looking for singing students who will train with her for a reduced fee whilst she is studying.

We love this kind of initiative, which is why we’re sharing the information here! At VIDLA, we’re big on creating a worldwide network of like-minded individuals whose passion is to teach, to create, to sing, to collaborate. We train some amazingly talented folks, and find that the best of the best enjoy sharing opportunities, helping each other and working together. Danusia, we salute you!

You can join the friendly VIDLA online community, whether you are intending to study with us or not, as a singer, a teacher, an industry pro or a curious onlooker, by clicking here. (It’s OK, it’s not like some of those communities you come across, forums where people seem to spend their entire time trying to score points off each other – everyone’s nice, everyone’s friendly, and there are a lot of very knowledgeable vocal experts just hanging out there, being helpful)!

You can also check out Danusia and her kick-ass voice at her website: www.danusiasamal.com

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