VIDLA Online Campus moves back to its old home

Hi all! Well, we tried a new approach with the VIDLA Online Campus but after a few months of living with it, it seems that the old way was better! We haven’t deleted your old profiles so existing members can log in where we used to be:

We have now disabled the recent community which was housed at bigmarker, so if you’ve been good enough to join us there, please come join us at the new / old campus instead!

There’s a bunch of new features including

forum (to the right hand side of the page)
live chat facility (in the centre of the page)
groups setting for teachers who wish to have sub-groups for their own students under the VIDLA banner, or for groups of students who want to get together as ‘study buddies’. 
 All previous features are still active, including 
blogs (tell us about what you’re doing), 
events (publicize your gigs, fundraisers, video launches or other pertinent happenings)
photos / videos (upload, and show us what you do)!
rss updates from our facebook page and blog all under one roof)
The advantage that we hoped that the recent platform would bring was the capacity to have group conferencing / videos but in reality it never quite did what we wanted. No fault of the lovely folks at bigmarker who were supportive, professional and great to deal with!  
Huge apologies to those who took the time to sign up to bigmarker and now will be returning to where they were in the first place! We hope you enjoy returning to the new feature-rich VIDLA Network.
We’d love to see you using the forum and the live chat – don’t be shy! Everything remains free, so come join us, and bring a friend!

All the best,

The VIDLA Development Team

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