Music & theatre biz-savvy accountants? Look no further!

ImageIt’s that time of year in the UK when the disorganised among us are frantically doing last-minute tax returns. Every year, we swear that we’ll be more organised next time, and every year we break that promise to ourselves.

And who are among the very worst people at getting this stuff done? Your average creative types, that’s who! Singers, actors, dancers,  painters, writers, sculptors, musicians and the like will find any excuse to do something creative rather than do the book-keeping and then the tax return.

If you’ve reached the end of your rope with it and you’re ready to take on an accountant  but (like us) you’d rather expected that they’d all be grey-suited automatons with no sense of humour and no understanding of what you do for a living, then you will be very pleasantly surprised by Ormerod Rutter, who are based in Droitwich, Worcs, but who deal with clients all over the country.

The guys at Ormerod Rutter not only understand the somewhat ‘out there’ workings of the creative mind (and yes, we can say that because we belong firmly to that group!) but are (Shock! Gasp! Amazeballs!) fun, friendly, approachable, easy to deal with and on your side! These are rock n roll accountants. Who knew such a thing existed? 

Seriously, folks, if you’re in the performing arts industry and you need an accountant, you’ve just found the right people. And no, we’re not on commission 😉 We’re just really, really impressed with them.

Here’s a link to their website.

Or, do yourselves a favour and pick up the phone! 01905 777600

Or drop ’em an email:

They’re also on Twitter : @theataccounts

Oh, you’re still here? Haven’t you got a last-minute tax return to fill in? Then a phone call to make / email to send? Off you pop 😀

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