Registrar Givvi Flynn launches pledge-fund rock album

ImageOur Registrar, Cordelia Lewis (in her Clark Kent guise) or Givvi Flynn (when being Superman) has been known to be a bit rock n roll in her time, and in fact spends a goodly amount of time onstage with bands such as The Wildhearts, Jackdaw 4 and various members thereof.

In recent times, she’s guested on several “pledge” albums, (where effectively the recording and promo is funded by the fans: great idea!) and thought it was about time she did her own.

Thus it was that last night saw the launch of her first pledge campaign, and her first solo album “Thieving From the Magpie’s Nest” which she has been working on with fellow musicians Elias Cameron and Jay Clark.  (Elias is a producer, arranger and vocalist in his own right, last seen hobnobbing with the stars at Grace Jones’ birthday party, having recently produced a successful dance track “Men Who Lie “for Jane Badler, who was one of the original stars of “V”. In a peculiar 6-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon way, the backing vocals on that track were sung by our Principal, Ria Keen. Small world)! 

Here’s the video that Givvi made to explain all about it: 

Anyway, all this to say that pledges are now pouring in for Givvi’s new album, and the project is currently at 55% of funding, less than 24 hours after being launched. If you’d like to check it out and see what our Clark Kent does when she’s being Superman, here’s the link:

Best of luck from all of us at VIDLA 😀

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