Who is this stunning creature? Celeste Khanna – VIDLA Emirates rep!

ImageWe’ve been busy for weeks now setting up three new international offices, each of which is being led by an amazing woman!

The first of these offices opens today in Dubai and we thought we’d introduce you to the fab lady who is our representative there. She’s Celeste Khanna and she has a fantastic track record, including having sung at Nelson Mandela’s 80th birthday party, sharing a stage with the likes of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Nina Simone, and being something of a celebrity in her native South Africa, having been one of the stars of the hit show “Girl Talk” which saw her ending up on the cover of the Sunday Times at one point!


Celeste is still very much a professional vocalist, and a VIDLA-trained singing teacher, and runs a teaching studio in Dubai. She is an incredible singer with huge range and power, but as you will see from the link, lack of training almost caused her voice to disappear altogether at one stage. To her credit she trained, turned the situation around and is now the proud possessor of a genuinely tremendous voice. It was her experience with almost losing her voice and her confidence that inspired her to want to teach and help others (as with so many of our students and graduates).

We’ve known Celeste for a while, first as a student and more recently as a colleague, and we know she’ll be a brilliant addition to the worldwide VIDLA Team – a wonderful singer, great teacher, confidence builder and all-round great gal. She’s also gorgeous, as you can see. We’re trying not to hold that against her 😀

Celeste will join the team of people posting to our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Come join us there to keep up with all her news, our UK news, all things singing-related and the rest of our core team – Ria Keen, Givvi Flyyn, James Gregory, Hilary Canto, Dena Murray, Christine Evans, Alex Weatherhill and more.

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