Introducing Ida Bois – VIDLA Student of the Year 2013!

idaboisWe are delighted to announce that the winner of the VIDLA Student of the Year trophy for 2013 is Ida Bois, who runs a teaching studio in Falun, Sweden. This outstanding singer and teacher completed the Professional Diploma in Contemporary Vocal Teaching in July of this year.

So what made us choose Ida over the other top-notch candidates for this year’s award? Well, being Student of the Year isn’t just about ‘who gets the best grades’ – we also look at overall progress and development, commitment, time management and the all-important “extra something”. As it turns out, we were completely spoilt for choice, with many candidates having everything including the “extra something”. What made Ida a very special candidate was that she completed her course to a  very high standard in her second language!

VIDLA standards are very high and we expect good written work as well as the best practical work, so to complete the written assignments as well as conducting the high-stress online teaching skills assessments in her second language was quite some achievement, in an “above and beyond” kind of way!

Ida’s studio website is here (translated into English from the original Swedish).

The other finalists for the award, – all much deserving of an honourable mention! –  were:

Scholarship student Samantha Laurilla (Ringwood, Hampshire, Diploma)

Leigh Martyn Thomas (Colchester, Essex, Diploma)

Erin Gannon Simms (Pontypool, South Wales, Advanced Professional Diploma).

Well done ladies, you were (and are) all outstanding!

Everyone at VIDLA would like to take this opportunity to send our congratulations and best wishes to Ida and the other finalists – you made us proud! In the meanwhile, more students are qualifying every day, and the standards are incredibly high. Our search for Student of the Year for 2014 starts right now. If you would like to sign up for one of our courses, please visit the website and see what we’ve got to offer. Our graduates are changing the face of singing teaching every day, and for the better – would you like to be one of them?

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