Steve Balsamo writes for classical crossover artist Annelies

gallery_3_1_21852Our super-talented Patron Steve Balsamo is not only a fantastic voice but also a celebrated songwriter. One of his current projects is writing material – alongside songwriting buddies Ben Robbins* and Mick Lister – for classical crossover artist Annelies, and they’ve just released a video teaser for her upcoming debut album.

Steve’s track record is long and illustrious, including work as front man and writer for The Storys (a particular favourite at VIDLA HQ!) touring with the legendary Jon Lord of Deep Purple, and of course his famed reinvention of the role of Jesus in the 1996 revival of Jesus Christ Superstar in the West End.

Steve’s currently writing and recording with Rosalie Deighton for their duo, cunningly named Balsamo Deighton…

Annelies-photoCheck out the new Annelies video here!

*coincidentally, Ben is also currently working with our other Patron,  John Owen Jones (he of the immaculate tone). It’s a small world! If you haven’t yet heard Steve, or John, or indeed Annelies, it’s probably time you did. You’re missing out.


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