So you want to be in musical theatre?

1463735_10152064406806532_1841323937_nMany of us at VIDLA (and a lot of VIDLA graduates) are often called upon to train or coach people who want to go to drama school, with a view to going into musical theatre. It’s not the job that most people think it is – it’s much harder, far less glamorous and not at all secure!

We saw a blog today written by one of the UK’s most talented musical theatre female artists. She’s not a household name, but she is a major talent and well known within the industry. If you’re a teacher working with musical theatre aspirants, or a young performer with a big dream, you should read the blog, which was written for Broadway World:

NT50 Gigs and Keeping Afloat by Tiffany Graves

If you want to see what the real deal looks like, Tiffany is appearing in cabaret in the unlikely-but-lovely Bridge House in glamorous Penge. Having seen her ourselves, we’re saying get yourselves down there because you’ll be missing something amazing if you don’t!

Contact and booking;

Tickets £12
or call 0208 778 2100

Bridge House
2 High Street
SE20 8RZ

Right next door to Penge West Station

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