Singing, Teaching, and Not Living in Your Head

Cathy Rowan, Mindfulness Therapist

In speaking to and mentoring our students, we get to discuss a lot of interesting things, and one of them is what to do when a student appears to over-analyse everything when approaching new techniques, or who physically freezes when asked to try something.

It turns out that this is “a thing” and that many people go through their lives unknowingly disconnected from their bodies. It’s like their body becomes something to carry their brain around in. The thing being, if we disconnect from ourselves physically, we don’t have to deal with experiencing life too much on a real, physical, often painful level.  Now, this was all news to us at VIDLA HQ until fairly recently, when we got to know a quite extraordinary lady whose job it is to re-connect people to their bodies, their feelings, and “real life”. Because, as she explains, if we disconnect from our bodies, that disconnection starts to hurt us in all kinds of ways.

The lady’s name is Cathy Rowan and her work is fascinating, and really interesting from a singing teacher’s perspective. How many times have you been working with a student who simply can’t connect with any of the physical techniques that you are trying to teach them?

We’re not the experts on this but Cathy certainly is! Her website is full of fab info, and she has a CD of her exercises available if you care to buy one. Enjoy!

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