The Heart and Your Sound – A Sound Healer’s Perspective on Singing

color-and-sound-healingHave you ever considered that the sound you make, including your singing, is an expression of all the things you are holding in your heart at the time you make your sound?

Your, thoughts, your feelings, your memories – they all have an impact on the physical sound of your voice. And it’s not limited to the things in your conscious mind either. Even things which are locked safely away in the subconscious or unconscious parts of your mind can still sometimes be heard in the frequencies you audibly transmit when you use your voice, though often only in very subtle ways.

Also any emotion you are currently experiencing, especially if it is generated by something you think about a lot, can be found in the energy field generated by the heart which is then projected out into the environment around you. It is held as a specific frequency – either positive or negative – and when you speak or sing, this same frequency can be heard in your voice.

So before you sing, it may be worth seeing if your performance would benefit from changing any negative thoughts you have been having, especially if they are repetitive ones which have generated a lot of negative energy, or clearing any negative memories you are holding on to. The release process will alter your voice, sometimes quite dramatically, and you will notice the difference.

If you think about this, you already know how it works – if you are happy, you can hear it clearly in your voice and if you are angry, this will also show in the tone, the volume and often the intensity and the speed at which you speak. But old experiences which you may have pushed out of your conscious mind can sometimes have a similar effect on your voice. So it is always worth looking at what you have been thinking about or remembering in between performances to see what you are holding in your heart when you sing. People will always hear it on some level, even if you are not always aware of it.

Gail Montague, Sound Healer

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