Guest Blog by Gido Schimanski – Transformational Coach for Artists, Creatives & High Achievers in the Entertainment Industry

gido_schimanskiI was sitting on the bus before and inspired by the posters across town was listening to MISS SAIGON on my phone, when “Why God Why” came on. Which put me straight back into an audition many many years ago, when I just started singing. I had chosen that song and was so scared that my knees and voice were noticably shaking and if I remember right I even started the song a third too high. Yep, that happened, which became – let’s just say – very apparent when the high end came closer… I had to break it off!

MORTIFIED I was asked if I wanted to have a little break and come back later, which I gladly took. The chatter in my mind in those 15 minutes probably resembled paranormal activity 1,2,3 AND 4!

When they called me back in, I marched straight into the room, looked at them and told them I wasn’t going to sing again. What was the point? After all I had proven already that I couldn’t do it and I wanted to spare them and me the pain.. The MD just said, “Oh thats a shame, I liked what I heard so far…” But I had none of it and stormed out – MORTIFIED with myself. I was even more mortified when they called me a week later to offer me a job to cover Tony, Riff, Bernardo and Action. I still remember the confusion. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take the contract back then, but looking back today I realised 3 things yet again:

1) WOW, our perception of each situation can be so utterly warped by our filters, stresses, fears and old patterns that we run from a lion when its actually a fluffy white rabbit wanting us to do well.

2) How grateful I am about these tools I was lucky enough to learn over the past 6 years to resolve the triggers of that kind of stress and that I get to pass them on and help others! And…

3) That I still love Miss Saigon and can’t wait till it’s back…  but hey, who wouldn’t?


GIDO SCHIMANSKI is an international teacher and coach based in London, best known for his unique style of Trance coaching. Following a successful career as an actor and dancer he now works with private clients in the UK, US, Singapore and throughout Europe and recently published his first CD ANGELS OF FORGIVENESS in English and German.
The techniques at the core of Gido’s coaching work track down and release the blockages and limiting beliefs that  keep the client stuck in a place of discomfort. He has helped clients overcome issues in all areas including health, career and relationships.

“We mostly find unprocessed emotions, memories and unsupportive thinking patterns, that are usually at the core of a problem and create an immense stress on the system. Once these patterns are released miraculous shifts seem to be possible.”

Gido has been successfully teaching his Workshops IGNITING TRANSFORMATION and ANGELS OF TODAY  in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and London. In 2011 he spoke for Humanity Unites Brilliance, opening the meeting with a talk about the subconscious mind and our self-sabotage mechanisms and closing with a trance coaching session on over 60 participants to reconnect them with their full potential.

“Having been a performer most of my life, it was always more than natural to me to be very conscious of my thought processes and my environment. I kept wondering why I constantly felt that I didn’t fit, felt unwanted, undeserving or simply not good enough. After searching for years I realized that these were beliefs that I was conditioned to believe and that I kept reacting from the same place of fear. Once this had ‘clicked’ in my head, I could finally do something and take back the responsibility for my life. I became happier with more self-confidence and self-acceptance, which soon resulted in greater health and quantum leaps in my career. There wasn’t any question that I needed to share this knowledge with more people out there.”

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