John Owen Jones Award & Steve Balsamo Scholarship 2014

John Owen Jones
steve balsamo longer hair
Steve Balsamo

We’ve been overwhelmed with the standard of applicants for this year’s scholarships, which we are able to offer courtesy of two of our Patrons, the brilliant, awesome and all-round lovely John Owen Jones and Steve Balsamo.

Whittling down the applicants is never an easy job but we’re delighted to announce this year’s recipients – both guys, both on the Advanced Professional Diploma pathway, and both incredibly accomplished in their fields. The team felt that both of these amazing chaps have something extraordinary to offer the world of singing teaching, beyond the great work that they already do.


The recipient of the Steve Balsamo Scholarship 2014 is Daniel Haslam, an actor, singer, musician currently living in South London (along with the rest of the acting cognoscenti)!

Visit Daniel’s website here.



The recipient of the John Owen Jones Award 2014 is Michael Wheeler, a teacher, composer, musician and vocalist living in Oregon, USA.

Visit Michael’s website here.




Many congratulations to both of these exceptional candidates, from the entire VIDLA team! We’re very much looking forward to working with you

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