Does The Body Create Music?

Sound-Healing-TherapyThis is the interesting question posed by our guest blogger Gail Montague, who is a sound healer.

Gail writes:

If you are interested in finding out the answer, can I recommend a website? Go to and check out the music and sound therapy section. The articles are interesting and there are quite a few videos to watch, including some talks from TED, which are great.

You will also find some videos of Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. If you have never experienced listening to this type of sound before, do click on the videos. It is simply astonishing, but you have to listen with your whole body rather than just your ears and really experience the sound of the bowls.

In particular, take a look at Microcosmic Music – A New Level of Intensity by Susan Alexjander, MA. She is a composer who has written music based on work she did with a cell biologist measuring the molecular vibrations of the bases that make up our DNA sequences. It seems our bodies really are musical at a very deep level, producing both light and sound in amazing ways.

So, what sound is your body making while you are singing? And how does your singing affect the sound your body is making? And if current research shows that DNA is bioacoustic (i.e. it is generating and emitting sound frequencies) – when they do more research, will they be able to show how we can consciously re-programme our cells using our sound? And are you already doing it while you are singing?

If you think of your body as computer hardware, your words can and will become the computer code which programmes it and, in many ways, makes it run. Scientists are already saying that the language the DNA uses to communicate resembles the language we use to communicate and that our words are in fact having a huge impact on the cellular level of the physical body. How could that affect your singing and how is your singing affecting your body?

Gail Montague

Sound Healer

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