The One Day Sing-Thing! Pop-up Choir charity event

Fotor01002150524We’re having a bit of a do for charity on the weekends of Oct 10th – 12th and Oct 17th – 19th.

The challenge is for event leaders (here’s some of the motley crew, pictured left!) in a variety of locations to create a ‘pop-up choir’ in just one day. They choose the venue, pick three songs, and then have to teach them to whoever rocks up on the day, ready to perform that evening as part of a mini-concert.

We’re raising money for four different charities via Just Giving: Meningitis research and Bedazzle Projects (performing arts opportunities for disadvantaged kids and those with special educational needs), chosen by our friends at L’Amore Entertainment, and Prostate Cancer and M.E. Research, chosen by the boss, Ria Keen, and Registrar Cordelia Lewis (aka Givvi Flynn).

Events are taking place in the following locations (click on the links for full details):

Worcester,    Colchester,    Gorsley,    Atherston,    Nottingham,    Market Harborough,    Riga (Latvia)

We have set up Just Giving Pages for each of the four charities, and although we’d truly love for you to participate (to do that, simply sign up for the event that’s closest to you, make a donation to one of the four charities, and then just turn up on the day your proof of donation), but we know that people have busy lives and might not be able to make it… but here’s the thing

You can still donate, even if you don’t participate!

We think you’d be hard pressed to yell out of your window and not be heard by someone who’s been affected by one of the conditions or illnesses for whose charities we’re raising money, so please please please make a donation – however small! You can be assured everyone leading the Sing Thing events is working for free, and the lovely venues being used have also donated their time and space for free so every single penny is going straight to the charities. Here are the links:

M.E. research

Meningitis Research

Prostate Cancer UK

Bedazzle Projects (performing arts opportunities and education for SEN and disadvantaged children)

Big thanks to everyone who’s giving up their time to lead, to all of the fabulous venues who are giving us their space for the day, and to all of those who are going to rock up and have a jolly good sing for a good cause.

Huge thanks in advance to each and every person who makes a donation. You’re all amazing!


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