“Successful Auditions for Creative High Achievers” – Coming Soon!

gido_schimanskiWe’re very excited to tell you that we’re going to be offering a very special course created and recorded by top coach Gido Schimanski, who has worked with some fabulous top-end artists in helping them to overcome their self-limiting beliefs.

Most people go into self-limiting overdrive when it comes to auditions, and this is what this audio course seeks to address. We’ll be launching the course soon but meanwhile, here’s a teaser/trailer video to tell you something about it!

As Gido says, “My initial idea was to help other performers, who are often trained in front of a mirror for 8 hours a day, being told they are too short, too tall, too fat, too thin, too weak or just not good enough, to re-train those thinking habits, unlock and dissolve links to the past and act from a place of strength and inspiration, but soon it went much further….”

Gido recently met up online with our Principal, Ria Keen to have a bit of an online chat about it. In the video, Gido explains more about what to expect from this superb course.

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