Caffeine, Cake, Cats and Charity – The VIDLA Registrar’s off on one again!

Hello VIDLA-folk!  Cordelia Here!

In my capacities as Registrar & Senior Tutor, you’re probably more than aware that my work is entirely supported by the 3 Cs:




caffeine, cake, and cats……….                                                                                             

Life in the office is extremely comfortable and the most dangerous thing I do is get out of a chair quickly.

It may surprise you, then, to learn that I have recently been embracing a new C – cycling! 

I know, I know… exercise.  Voluntary, energetic, outdoor exercise – I must be quite mad!  The reason for the madness is simple; to put a positive spin on a tough situation.

Just over three years ago, my surrogate-dad, Alan, was diagnosed with advanced, inoperable prostate cancer.  The following year, I undertook a marathon uphill walk to raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer UK.

Against all odds, Alan’s still with us but his condition is now considerably worse;  in addition to the prostate cancer, he suddenly developed acute heart-failure just over 2 years ago and there is a strong argument to suggest this was caused by PCa hormone treatments.  Every day his life (and my Mum’s) has become more of a struggle.  Frankly, walking 10 feet without oxygen is a struggle – for him, not for me… This plan would be stupid if that were the case! ☺

So I found myself feeling that I should do something more… Another ridiculous, physical endurance challenge (really not my forte!) to raise more money.

Blog PicSo… On Saturday March 28th 2015, I plan to cycle from the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire (specifically, the ADU-NI Memorial my folks worked so hard for) to my home in Worcester.  Give or take, that’s 100k in a day!

I have chosen to give to two charities on this occasion;

Prostate Cancer UK
British Heart Foundation

I’ve been training really hard for months and can assure you it’s been really difficult at times – including a spectacular accident back in September that set me back by months! – but the big day is now approaching fast and I find myself quite excited at the prospect of another feel-good day, supported by some great friends including Yoda (otherwise known as VIDLA Principal, Ria Keen).

If you are so moved, you can sponsor me on either of my Just Giving pages here;

Please understand that my legs will not be working for the week commencing March 30th.  In addition, the cake embargo will have been lifted so I think Sam from the Registration & Admissions Team team will have to cover me for the week – I will have hardcore sitting and eating to attend to! 

Thank you for reading and for any amount you can sponsor me. Every single penny counts and if you lean out of the nearest window, chances are you’d be within calling distance of someone who’s affected by either prostate cancer or heart disease. 

   HOL14 - 128PCUK_Reg_1_BlackBG_CMYKbhf_logo_113

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