2015 Steve Balsamo Scholarship Award Winner – Carrey Oliver

Carrey Oliver - PicOur second scholarship winner this year is Malaysian practitioner Carrey Oliver. Carrey is a quite extraordinary man who has devoted his life to teaching and learning, and who has a particular interest in metaphysics, sound healing, music and the teaching of voice.

Carrey was originally trained in classical singing by Baritone Master Vocalist Leonard Yap Hon Leng, for whom Carrey later worked as a choral assistant, then in 2006 he became conductor and coach for the Suara Bayu Choral Group who have been very successful, winning a state championship against 14 other choirs and going on to represent their state at national level. Carrey’s particular interest is in choral singing and arranging, but he knows that if he is to take cutting-edge contemporary technique into his community as he very much wants to, this scholarship – otherwise completely unaffordable – will bring him the training that he needs to teach confidently.

Carrey has both a doctorate and a master’s degree in metaphysics, which was something that caught our eye on his application, as his Master’s thesis was entitled “Experience Mysticism and Healing Through Sound”. As you may be aware, sound healing and metaphysics are subjects very close to Steve Balsamo’s heart, and this was one of the many factors which made Carrey’s application stand out in a very strong field.

Among many other projects, Carrey currently runs a music centre with a friend, where their focus is to bring affordable music and voice lessons to the community, in a locality where wages can be as low as £166 per month. He also does a good deal of pro bono work and is intent on using his scholarship training to benefit the community as a whole.

Good luck Carrey!

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