VIDLA’s new interactive online campus launches today!

resource headerFor a couple of years now we’ve been working hard to develop a platform for our students and teachers that’s more than just a slightly dull Learning Management System. We wanted something that felt more in tune with the real world of singers and singing teachers, but we needed something that gave us all the bells and whistles too… It was a huge task but we’ve finally done it! Our shiny new campus opens its doors to the teaching team and backstage crew today, and we’ll be letting the students get their eager mitts and minds on it from September 1st.

So what’s occurring on campus?

You can get a sneak peak at it by visiting to see the campus ‘lobby’ and an overview of the facilities, but in a nutshell what we’ve got going on is this:

Interactive and private ‘classrooms’ for each student and their personal tutor. In the classroom, the student can either create their assignments direct to screen, complete with embedded links, videos and pictures, or upload completed assignments from files created offline.

Also in each classroom is a private forum for each student / tutor pairing so that communications are quick and easy – no having to open up a separate email client!

Each tutor has his or her own instant video conferencing room for tutorials, online face-to-face classes for blended learning and of course the all-important live online assessments.

Student open forum which includes instant video chat, so that students can get to know each other better – no more studying in isolation!

An online library with a great collection of scholarly articles and videos, which we’re adding to all the time.

An ‘events‘ section which shows you what we (and our students and graduates!) have got coming up.

If you’re a current student, hang on tight and we’ll be inviting you onto campus over the next couple of weeks! You’ll get an email saying we’re ready for you and have arranged the furniture, straightened the paintings, sharpened the pencils, and are awaiting your input…

Graduate invites will follow, then friends and colleagues, and pretty soon we hope to see the whole buzzing VIDLA community there!

Our fantastic core team and independent course leaders and consultants are already there getting their stuff together, ready to welcome everyone at the beginning of September. Once we’ve found the watercooler, the coffee machine, the after-hours wine cellar and where Reg has hidden the cake, we’ll be good to go.

We are very excited about this and hope you will be too. See you there soon!

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