Two Minute Tips series launch

We’ve just launched a new series of bite-size videos which will be updated monthly, and the first ones have been uploaded today!

The TMTs are chatty, 2 – 3 minute videos recorded by members of the team talking about all things singing, teaching, music, gear and industry, from our very individual perspectives. Kinda like a rolling vlog!

We’re hoping to get away from the now-familiar format that can be found all over the internet, with great (and sometimes not so great) teachers offering ‘how to sing’ tips. We love those too but hey, they’re already being done by the truckload, so although we will drop the occasional ‘two minute technique’ into place, we’re wanting to do something a bit more conversational and a bit less ‘terribly technical, this-is-the-one-true-way to sing’ stuff. Don’t be fooled – we totally love our research, technique and science-based approaches here at Chateau VIDLA but we’re becoming increasingly concerned that people are starting to think that’s all there is to singing. Not true! Yes to all the yummy technique, but also yes to day-to-day issues, gear and tech, industry practice and of course, artistry. Remember that?

We don’t believe there’s only one way to do anything, including singing, so you’ll find this series comin’ atcha from all kinds of weird and wonderful angles, some of which will speak to you and some of which might not. That’s cool. Cherry pick! If you don’t want to be Gandalf, try out Harry Potter’s gig for size. Or be a Jedi. It’s all good…

The main contributors will be The Boss (Ria Keen), our rock n roll Registrar Cordelia Lewis (aka Givvi Flynn), our resident pharmacist and tutor Christine Evans, globe-trotting singer / pianist / tutor Dale Forbes-Sutherland and producer / manic researcher / music industry specialist Katrina Fry. We’ll also have contributions from guests from time to time.

Our first bunch of coffee-break-length chats cover:

Singing with intention
Coughs and colds
Using Hearfones
Moving past on-stage mistakes
Singing with more ‘grip’




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