Voice Donation – Yes, this is a thing! Donate YOUR voice for World Voice Day.

April 16th is World Voice Day, and this year we wanted to do something extra-special, so we started a Voice Drive for VocalID, which is an organisation that allows people to ‘bank’ recordings of their voice, so that it can be turned into a life-like, fully-functional voice for people who have lost theirs through illness.

Here’s the video we made about it specially for World Voice Day:


And, because she can explain it far better than we can, here’s the incredible lady who heads up the project:


It costs nothing for you to bank and donate your voice. It’s very easy to do via desktop, laptop, tablet or even mobile phone, and you can record just a handful of sentences at a time if that’s easier to fit in to your schedule (we’re all busy people)! So you don’t need to worry about completing everything in one go – the VocalID software remembers where you got up to and saves all of your previously-banked sentences.

How would you feel if you lost your voice to illness? Not great, right? Then please consider giving a little of your time to help someone to give someone the gift of speech.


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