“Ordinary Woman” -Nelly White Band

In a week that saw the 100th anniversary of ‘ordinary’ women (or at least, some of them!) winning the right to vote in the UK, we’ve been playing a particular album all week in the office, going by the title of  Ordinary Woman.

Ordinary Woman is the latest offering from the Nelly White Band and is a gorgeous listen – made all the more so for us at Voice College HQ because the lead singer, arranger and lyricist on the album is one of our alumni. We love to celebrate the great work that our students and ex-students are doing and this right here is some really lovely work!

Check out this track from the album:

Nelly worked extremely hard to achieve her teaching qualifications via the college but we can’t take any credit for her artistry – that’s all her!

You’ll find The Nelly White Band on Facebook and also on Twitter @nellywhiteband

The album can be downloaded from iTunes and all the usual places… If you like your music cool, smooth and jazzy, go fetch!

Many congratulations to Nelly, who is definitely not what we’d call an ‘ordinary’ woman!


If you’re a Voice College student or ex-student and you’re doing something amazing, let us know! We’d love to share it with the world. 😃  Contact us on team@thevoicecollege.com to let us know your news.

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