Take a Beat

Actors and directors talk about “taking a beat” when working with action or dialogue. In essence, it’s a way of changing pace, or emphasis, or direction. In recent years, I’ve come to learn that taking a beat in life is one of the most important things we can do. It’s so easy to become submerged … Continue reading Take a Beat

Bowen Therapy – A Singer’s Secret Weapon?

I've had a bit of a year of it, accident-wise. In October 2017 I fell from the top stair of a full flight and landed heavily on my butt, on the bottom step (oh the irony)! At the time I genuinely thought I'd broken my back, because the impact winded me so much that I … Continue reading Bowen Therapy – A Singer’s Secret Weapon?

Can Self-Hypnosis Help You To Sing or Teach Better?

  Hypnosis is nonsense, right? We've all seen those stage shows where people are made to squawk like chickens or do Elvis impressions in the name of "entertainment". How can something like that possibly have any credence or use in the real world? Well the fact is, hypnosis is just an altered state - a … Continue reading Can Self-Hypnosis Help You To Sing or Teach Better?

Singing for Health

  This week, my interest was piqued and eyebrows raised by an online petition calling for the UK government to consider making singing available on prescription. Now, it could be argued that the UK government has bigger fish to fry at the moment, what with Brexit and all… but let’s not go down that rabbit … Continue reading Singing for Health