Pass the Baton – Six Essential Leadership Qualities

This is a blog written by our friends at Corporate Conservatoire, and re-blogged with their kind permission. You can read all about them via their website, but first, treat your eyes and mind to their wonderful musings on the correlations between being a great leader and being a great conductor. "What's that got to do … Continue reading Pass the Baton – Six Essential Leadership Qualities

Are You Actually There, When You Sing?

We hear a lot about "mindful practice" and often, people either pay lip service to it or dismiss it as being a bit wafty, a tad tree-huggy. But how many times have you sung on automatic pilot? How often have you told yourself that you are learning or developing a song when what you are … Continue reading Are You Actually There, When You Sing?

Singing is more than pulleys and levers

As a singer, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the act of making a tuneful and /or crowd-pleasing noise had been reduced in recent years to nothing more than a series of sciencey-sounding  manoeuvres. Teachers appear to be obsessed with the muscles of the vocal tract and - even more exciting! - formant tuning, compression, … Continue reading Singing is more than pulleys and levers

Sound is Movement

Why Singers Need To Get A Wiggle On   When teaching singing or watching others sing, it is a curious thing to note that very often, people who are animated and expressive when speaking become very still when they start to sing. I have seen this equally and often among performing arts students, nervous beginners, … Continue reading Sound is Movement

“Ordinary Woman” -Nelly White Band

In a week that saw the 100th anniversary of 'ordinary' women (or at least, some of them!) winning the right to vote in the UK, we've been playing a particular album all week in the office, going by the title of  Ordinary Woman. Ordinary Woman is the latest offering from the Nelly White Band and is … Continue reading “Ordinary Woman” -Nelly White Band

What Makes A Great Singing Teacher?

A tale of scales, sorcery and science… In a world where many things are regulated to within an inch of their lives, and where hoop-jumping and form-filling masquerade as ‘standards’, it would seem to be a blessing that singing teachers are an unregulated bunch. And it is, sort of, because regulating creativity is a tricky … Continue reading What Makes A Great Singing Teacher?

Practise what you preach

At The Voice College we're big believers in teachers not only being strong singers with a deep understanding of how the voice works, but also having great performance chops and professional experience in the music and / or theatre industries. Very few people want to train to sing to their bedroom walls, so we think … Continue reading Practise what you preach