So you want to be a singing teacher… What does it take?

Here at The Voice College, we are passionate about training singing teachers to a very high standard. We know that there are currently hundreds of singing teachers in the UK alone, however, in an industry that isn’t regulated, the standards of teaching can range from absolutely amazing, to the average and even inconsistent! It should … Continue reading So you want to be a singing teacher… What does it take?

Can Self-Hypnosis Help You To Sing or Teach Better?

  Hypnosis is nonsense, right? We've all seen those stage shows where people are made to squawk like chickens or do Elvis impressions in the name of "entertainment". How can something like that possibly have any credence or use in the real world? Well the fact is, hypnosis is just an altered state - a … Continue reading Can Self-Hypnosis Help You To Sing or Teach Better?

Singing for Health

  This week, my interest was piqued and eyebrows raised by an online petition calling for the UK government to consider making singing available on prescription. Now, it could be argued that the UK government has bigger fish to fry at the moment, what with Brexit and all… but let’s not go down that rabbit … Continue reading Singing for Health

Practise what you preach

At The Voice College we're big believers in teachers not only being strong singers with a deep understanding of how the voice works, but also having great performance chops and professional experience in the music and / or theatre industries. Very few people want to train to sing to their bedroom walls, so we think … Continue reading Practise what you preach

Workshops 2016 – Here come the details!

We're delighted to be bringing you five unique workshops this Summer / Autumn. We've got something for everyone, and on top of that we've got the option to book 1, 2, 3, 4 or all 5 workshops to suit your own needs - the more you book the more you save.   Best of all, … Continue reading Workshops 2016 – Here come the details!

Sound Archetypes

With the open day for our new course, "Sound for Personal Transformation" with Steve Balsamo coming up in November (news of that to follow!), we thought it was time for another post from our guest blogger, sound healer Gail Montague. Now, Gail herself says that this might be "a little whacky" for some of you, … Continue reading Sound Archetypes

John Owen Jones Award & Steve Balsamo Scholarship 2014

We've been overwhelmed with the standard of applicants for this year's scholarships, which we are able to offer courtesy of two of our Patrons, the brilliant, awesome and all-round lovely John Owen Jones and Steve Balsamo. Whittling down the applicants is never an easy job but we're delighted to announce this year's recipients - both guys, … Continue reading John Owen Jones Award & Steve Balsamo Scholarship 2014