Polishing, Percussion and New Perspectives

One day last month, I was cleaning my studio ready for the next week of lessons and in an uncharacteristic departure from my usual OCD, I moved a few things around.  I know, I’m a wild woman – stick with me!  Anyway, my streamlining worked well but I was left with a little empty shelf/windowsill, … Continue reading Polishing, Percussion and New Perspectives

Practise what you preach

At The Voice College we're big believers in teachers not only being strong singers with a deep understanding of how the voice works, but also having great performance chops and professional experience in the music and / or theatre industries. Very few people want to train to sing to their bedroom walls, so we think … Continue reading Practise what you preach

Balsamo Deighton album launch night, Italian-style!

A three-hour drive through biblical weather, a somewhat dodgy encounter with a man with a very strong grip, and nearly getting locked in the car park were the things that topped and tailed the evening of Saturday 6th Feb 2016 for me, Ria Keen and VIDLA Registrar Cordelia Lewis (aka Givvi Flynn), but what happened in between … Continue reading Balsamo Deighton album launch night, Italian-style!