Sound is Movement

Why Singers Need To Get A Wiggle On   When teaching singing or watching others sing, it is a curious thing to note that very often, people who are animated and expressive when speaking become very still when they start to sing. I have seen this equally and often among performing arts students, nervous beginners, … Continue reading Sound is Movement

“Ordinary Woman” -Nelly White Band

In a week that saw the 100th anniversary of 'ordinary' women (or at least, some of them!) winning the right to vote in the UK, we've been playing a particular album all week in the office, going by the title of  Ordinary Woman. Ordinary Woman is the latest offering from the Nelly White Band and is … Continue reading “Ordinary Woman” -Nelly White Band

What Makes A Great Singing Teacher?

A tale of scales, sorcery and science… In a world where many things are regulated to within an inch of their lives, and where hoop-jumping and form-filling masquerade as ‘standards’, it would seem to be a blessing that singing teachers are an unregulated bunch. And it is, sort of, because regulating creativity is a tricky … Continue reading What Makes A Great Singing Teacher?

Legendary Singer P. J. Proby is new TVC Patron

We are chuffed to rock n roll bits that legendary vocalist P. J. Proby has become Patron of the college today! He joins West End / Broadway royalty John Owen-Jones and singer-songwriter (and erstwhile Jesus impersonator) Steve Balsamo, along with esteemed author and vocal coach Dena Murray, who are also Patrons. On joining The Voice … Continue reading Legendary Singer P. J. Proby is new TVC Patron

VIDLA is now The Voice College!

You may have noticed over the last week that our website and social media accounts have undergone a bit of a transformation. We've not been taken over by alien invaders, we've just made the decision to re-brand the college because thanks to you we've grown so much over the last few years! VIDLA stood for Vocalist … Continue reading VIDLA is now The Voice College!

Two Minute Tips series launch

We've just launched a new series of bite-size videos which will be updated monthly, and the first ones have been uploaded today! The TMTs are chatty, 2 - 3 minute videos recorded by members of the team talking about all things singing, teaching, music, gear and industry, from our very individual perspectives. Kinda like a … Continue reading Two Minute Tips series launch

“Successful Auditions for Creative High Achievers” – Coming Soon!

We're very excited to tell you that we're going to be offering a very special course created and recorded by top coach Gido Schimanski, who has worked with some fabulous top-end artists in helping them to overcome their self-limiting beliefs. Most people go into self-limiting overdrive when it comes to auditions, and this is what … Continue reading “Successful Auditions for Creative High Achievers” – Coming Soon!

VIDLA partners with L’Amore Entertainment & Events Agency

We're very happy to be working with our friends and colleagues at L'Amore Entertainment, as this means that our fabulous professional students and qualified teachers (and their students!) plus clients from the performing arts community can submit their work as artistes for possible representation via the agency, and get ahead on exciting performance opportunities. VIDLA will … Continue reading VIDLA partners with L’Amore Entertainment & Events Agency

In the spotlight: Merseyside-based VIDLA graduate Paul Loxton

We're always proud of our hard-working graduates and we're delighted to spotlight Paul Loxton, who recently completed his VIDLA qualification and has now launched his own private teaching practice on Merseyside, so all of you folks in the North West who might be looking for a singing teacher are in luck! Paul is a hugely … Continue reading In the spotlight: Merseyside-based VIDLA graduate Paul Loxton

Sound Archetypes

With the open day for our new course, "Sound for Personal Transformation" with Steve Balsamo coming up in November (news of that to follow!), we thought it was time for another post from our guest blogger, sound healer Gail Montague. Now, Gail herself says that this might be "a little whacky" for some of you, … Continue reading Sound Archetypes