Are You Actually There, When You Sing?

We hear a lot about "mindful practice" and often, people either pay lip service to it or dismiss it as being a bit wafty, a tad tree-huggy. But how many times have you sung on automatic pilot? How often have you told yourself that you are learning or developing a song when what you are … Continue reading Are You Actually There, When You Sing?

Singing is more than pulleys and levers

As a singer, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the act of making a tuneful and /or crowd-pleasing noise had been reduced in recent years to nothing more than a series of sciencey-sounding  manoeuvres. Teachers appear to be obsessed with the muscles of the vocal tract and - even more exciting! - formant tuning, compression, … Continue reading Singing is more than pulleys and levers

Sound is Movement

Why Singers Need To Get A Wiggle On   When teaching singing or watching others sing, it is a curious thing to note that very often, people who are animated and expressive when speaking become very still when they start to sing. I have seen this equally and often among performing arts students, nervous beginners, … Continue reading Sound is Movement

“Ordinary Woman” -Nelly White Band

In a week that saw the 100th anniversary of 'ordinary' women (or at least, some of them!) winning the right to vote in the UK, we've been playing a particular album all week in the office, going by the title of  Ordinary Woman. Ordinary Woman is the latest offering from the Nelly White Band and is … Continue reading “Ordinary Woman” -Nelly White Band

What Makes A Great Singing Teacher?

A tale of scales, sorcery and science… In a world where many things are regulated to within an inch of their lives, and where hoop-jumping and form-filling masquerade as ‘standards’, it would seem to be a blessing that singing teachers are an unregulated bunch. And it is, sort of, because regulating creativity is a tricky … Continue reading What Makes A Great Singing Teacher?

Legendary Singer P. J. Proby is new TVC Patron

We are chuffed to rock n roll bits that legendary vocalist P. J. Proby has become Patron of the college today! He joins West End / Broadway royalty John Owen-Jones and singer-songwriter (and erstwhile Jesus impersonator) Steve Balsamo, along with esteemed author and vocal coach Dena Murray, who are also Patrons. On joining The Voice … Continue reading Legendary Singer P. J. Proby is new TVC Patron

VIDLA is now The Voice College!

You may have noticed over the last week that our website and social media accounts have undergone a bit of a transformation. We've not been taken over by alien invaders, we've just made the decision to re-brand the college because thanks to you we've grown so much over the last few years! VIDLA stood for Vocalist … Continue reading VIDLA is now The Voice College!