Take a Beat

Actors and directors talk about “taking a beat” when working with action or dialogue. In essence, it’s a way of changing pace, or emphasis, or direction. In recent years, I’ve come to learn that taking a beat in life is one of the most important things we can do. It’s so easy to become submerged … Continue reading Take a Beat

Pass the Baton – Six Essential Leadership Qualities

This is a blog written by our friends at Corporate Conservatoire, and re-blogged with their kind permission. You can read all about them via their website, but first, treat your eyes and mind to their wonderful musings on the correlations between being a great leader and being a great conductor. "What's that got to do … Continue reading Pass the Baton – Six Essential Leadership Qualities

Burnout – knowing when enough is enough…

We’re busy people here at The Voice College - going ‘above and beyond’ is our ethos after all! But there comes a time in every singer and singing teachers’ life where you may just find yourself on the brink, whether it’s from a seemingly unrealistic number of gigs to get through, all your work starting … Continue reading Burnout – knowing when enough is enough…

My Singing for Health Week

I just thought that I would share a few experiences from my week, as some have been remarkable, some have been beautiful, some have been hilarious and all have been incredibly worthwhile! As a full time Singing for Health and Well-Being Practitioner (self appointed title!) I have the privilege of spending my days helping different … Continue reading My Singing for Health Week

Bowen Therapy – A Singer’s Secret Weapon?

I've had a bit of a year of it, accident-wise. In October 2017 I fell from the top stair of a full flight and landed heavily on my butt, on the bottom step (oh the irony)! At the time I genuinely thought I'd broken my back, because the impact winded me so much that I … Continue reading Bowen Therapy – A Singer’s Secret Weapon?

Polishing, Percussion and New Perspectives

One day last month, I was cleaning my studio ready for the next week of lessons and in an uncharacteristic departure from my usual OCD, I moved a few things around.  I know, I’m a wild woman – stick with me!  Anyway, my streamlining worked well but I was left with a little empty shelf/windowsill, … Continue reading Polishing, Percussion and New Perspectives

So you want to be a singing teacher… What does it take?

Here at The Voice College, we are passionate about training singing teachers to a very high standard. We know that there are currently hundreds of singing teachers in the UK alone, however, in an industry that isn’t regulated, the standards of teaching can range from absolutely amazing, to the average and even inconsistent! It should … Continue reading So you want to be a singing teacher… What does it take?