Sound Archetypes

With the open day for our new course, "Sound for Personal Transformation" with Steve Balsamo coming up in November (news of that to follow!), we thought it was time for another post from our guest blogger, sound healer Gail Montague. Now, Gail herself says that this might be "a little whacky" for some of you, … Continue reading Sound Archetypes

Does The Body Create Music?

This is the interesting question posed by our guest blogger Gail Montague, who is a sound healer. Gail writes: If you are interested in finding out the answer, can I recommend a website? Go to and check out the music and sound therapy section. The articles are interesting and there are quite a few … Continue reading Does The Body Create Music?

Sound & Vibration

A blog from our friend and guest blogger Gail Montague, who is a sound healer. “Music is an artform that involves sounds and silence. We consider it now an entertainment, a diversion, but it is so much more than that. Think instead of knowledge expressed in terms of pitch, that is to say, melody and … Continue reading Sound & Vibration