Take a Beat

Actors and directors talk about “taking a beat” when working with action or dialogue. In essence, it’s a way of changing pace, or emphasis, or direction. In recent years, I’ve come to learn that taking a beat in life is one of the most important things we can do. It’s so easy to become submerged … Continue reading Take a Beat

VIDLA is now The Voice College!

You may have noticed over the last week that our website and social media accounts have undergone a bit of a transformation. We've not been taken over by alien invaders, we've just made the decision to re-brand the college because thanks to you we've grown so much over the last few years! VIDLA stood for Vocalist … Continue reading VIDLA is now The Voice College!

Balsamo Deighton album launch night, Italian-style!

A three-hour drive through biblical weather, a somewhat dodgy encounter with a man with a very strong grip, and nearly getting locked in the car park were the things that topped and tailed the evening of Saturday 6th Feb 2016 for me, Ria Keen and VIDLA Registrar Cordelia Lewis (aka Givvi Flynn), but what happened in between … Continue reading Balsamo Deighton album launch night, Italian-style!

Academy Registrar’s Latest Project

If you’ve been in contact with the Academy Office recently, you may have noticed that I’ve been AWOL on occasion – most notably for the majority of last week.  It seems only polite that I explain myself… I love teaching and academia, I’m all about the voice-geekery.  But beneath that is the same fundamental urge … Continue reading Academy Registrar’s Latest Project


For those who haven't caught the posts on Facebook or Twitter: there have been a couple of recent changes for two of our sites - The VIDLA Network is now at: http://www.vidla-network.com And the blog, which you are currently reading (!) has moved to http://www.vidla.info I guess while we're here we may as well complete … Continue reading New VIDLA URLs

VIDLA graduate finds new levels of confidence…

Raymond Williams recently completed his VIDLA qualification with flying colours, having faced all kinds of problems along the way but never allowing anything to deter him from his goal. He sent this report to us today, telling us all about a venture he'd undertaken shortly after qualifying. We love hearing our students' success stories, whichever branch … Continue reading VIDLA graduate finds new levels of confidence…

VIDLA Publishing – Launching Summer 2012!

I'm delighted to report that our new initiative, VIDLA Publishing, will be launching this Summer, and that our very first publication will be a collaborative book featuring contributions from some amazing vocal coaches, professional performers and industry experts, including Robert Lunte, Dena Murray, Judy Rodman, Alex Weatherhill, Givvi Flynn, Ash Rutter and Hilary Canto, among … Continue reading VIDLA Publishing – Launching Summer 2012!

“Stage Fright to Superstar” programme under way!

From our Confidence Coach, Ash Rutter I just want to start off by saying how pleased I am to be involved with Ria and VIDLA. She is a hugely inspirational person and I’m honoured to be a part of such a great team of people who are having an amazing impact on the world of … Continue reading “Stage Fright to Superstar” programme under way!

VIDLA: Steve Balsamo Scholarship to be launched Spring 2012

As part of the recent appointment of singing star Steve Balsamo to the position of UK Patron for VIDLA, we are pleased to announce that we will be launching The Steve Balsamo Scholarship in the Spring of 2012. The scholarship will be awarded to ONE applicant only, and on this inaugural year will be available … Continue reading VIDLA: Steve Balsamo Scholarship to be launched Spring 2012

New Product Launch for Robert Lunte / TVS

Our good friend and colleague Robert Lunte, founder of TVS (The Vocalist Studio) in Seattle, author of the very successful Four Pillars of Singing book & DVDs, and CEO of The Modern Vocalist - the world's largest forum for contemporary voice, has launched a brand-new range of products for vocalists everywhere. Rob's outstandingFour Pillars of … Continue reading New Product Launch for Robert Lunte / TVS