What Makes A Great Singing Teacher?

A tale of scales, sorcery and science… In a world where many things are regulated to within an inch of their lives, and where hoop-jumping and form-filling masquerade as ‘standards’, it would seem to be a blessing that singing teachers are an unregulated bunch. And it is, sort of, because regulating creativity is a tricky … Continue reading What Makes A Great Singing Teacher?

New team members for our expanding provision!

We're working like very hard-working things behind the scenes for some fab new 'stuff' that's going to be launching next year, and in order to make that happen we've had to expand our team so here are three of the new faces coming to a study room, workshop, webinar or course near you soon!   … Continue reading New team members for our expanding provision!

VIDLA student of the year

The 2012 Student of the Year award went to Sarah Ditchburn, (Prof. Dip) who runs her teaching studio in Wolverhampton. She proudly posted a pic of her award yesterday and we couldn't resist sharing it with you! Could this be you next year? We offer a wide range of distance-learning courses for singing teachers, all … Continue reading VIDLA student of the year