2015 Steve Balsamo Scholarship Award Winner – Carrey Oliver

Our second scholarship winner this year is Malaysian practitioner Carrey Oliver. Carrey is a quite extraordinary man who has devoted his life to teaching and learning, and who has a particular interest in metaphysics, sound healing, music and the teaching of voice. Carrey was originally trained in classical singing by Baritone Master Vocalist Leonard Yap … Continue reading 2015 Steve Balsamo Scholarship Award Winner – Carrey Oliver

Sound Archetypes

With the open day for our new course, "Sound for Personal Transformation" with Steve Balsamo coming up in November (news of that to follow!), we thought it was time for another post from our guest blogger, sound healer Gail Montague. Now, Gail herself says that this might be "a little whacky" for some of you, … Continue reading Sound Archetypes

Does The Body Create Music?

This is the interesting question posed by our guest blogger Gail Montague, who is a sound healer. Gail writes: If you are interested in finding out the answer, can I recommend a website? Go to allthingshealing.com and check out the music and sound therapy section. The articles are interesting and there are quite a few … Continue reading Does The Body Create Music?

Sound & Vibration

A blog from our friend and guest blogger Gail Montague, who is a sound healer. “Music is an artform that involves sounds and silence. We consider it now an entertainment, a diversion, but it is so much more than that. Think instead of knowledge expressed in terms of pitch, that is to say, melody and … Continue reading Sound & Vibration


For those who haven't caught the posts on Facebook or Twitter: there have been a couple of recent changes for two of our sites - The VIDLA Network is now at: http://www.vidla-network.com And the blog, which you are currently reading (!) has moved to http://www.vidla.info I guess while we're here we may as well complete … Continue reading New VIDLA URLs

Steve Balsamo Harmonic Healer Workshop 28/4/12 – an inside view

Three of the core VIDLA team (Ria Keen, Cordelia Lewis, Melanie Winterflood) travelled to Swansea last weekend to attend Steve Balsamo's workshop on healing via chant and toning, and it was worth the trip! The workshop was held at the Academy of Psychic and Spiritual Studies in Swansea, which is on the first floor of … Continue reading Steve Balsamo Harmonic Healer Workshop 28/4/12 – an inside view

VIDLA Publishing – Launching Summer 2012!

I'm delighted to report that our new initiative, VIDLA Publishing, will be launching this Summer, and that our very first publication will be a collaborative book featuring contributions from some amazing vocal coaches, professional performers and industry experts, including Robert Lunte, Dena Murray, Judy Rodman, Alex Weatherhill, Givvi Flynn, Ash Rutter and Hilary Canto, among … Continue reading VIDLA Publishing – Launching Summer 2012!