Academy Registrar’s Latest Project

If you’ve been in contact with the Academy Office recently, you may have noticed that I’ve been AWOL on occasion – most notably for the majority of last week.  It seems only polite that I explain myself… I love teaching and academia, I’m all about the voice-geekery.  But beneath that is the same fundamental urge … Continue reading Academy Registrar’s Latest Project

Please vote for lovely Celeste Khanna!

Gorgeous VIDLA graduate Celeste Khanna needs your vote! Here's the direct link:'s in the semi-final (last 12) of UAE Ultimate Explorer and would love to be chosen as one of the final five! Please take ten seconds (enter an email address, click on link to confirm) to vote for her. Celeste is an extraordinary woman and a great … Continue reading Please vote for lovely Celeste Khanna!

“Stage Fright to Superstar” programme under way!

From our Confidence Coach, Ash Rutter I just want to start off by saying how pleased I am to be involved with Ria and VIDLA. She is a hugely inspirational person and I’m honoured to be a part of such a great team of people who are having an amazing impact on the world of … Continue reading “Stage Fright to Superstar” programme under way!

New Product Launch for Robert Lunte / TVS

Our good friend and colleague Robert Lunte, founder of TVS (The Vocalist Studio) in Seattle, author of the very successful Four Pillars of Singing book & DVDs, and CEO of The Modern Vocalist - the world's largest forum for contemporary voice, has launched a brand-new range of products for vocalists everywhere. Rob's outstandingFour Pillars of … Continue reading New Product Launch for Robert Lunte / TVS

Why Should You Bother Doing a VIDLA Course?

Distance-learning isn't for everyone, but there are a lot of good reasons why you may benefit from taking one of our courses if you want to expand your knowledge of vocal pedagogy under the guidance of one of our highly-experienced tutors. We have many students who come to us with very, very impressive qualifications - … Continue reading Why Should You Bother Doing a VIDLA Course?

How Musical Are You?

We think this is a great idea! It's a test of natural musicality (as opposed to training alone), and is aimed at musicians and non-musicians alike. Are you as good a musician as you think you are? Are some of your students as bad as they think they are? (We've all got students who lack … Continue reading How Musical Are You?

The Secrets of Great Singing – Masterclass May 22nd

If you’re a singer who wants to get a good grasp of the most essential skills in singing, update or improve your knowledge and skills, or a vocal coach wanting simple strategies as to how to break down the most important concepts for your students, then this workshop will answer all of your questions! We’ll … Continue reading The Secrets of Great Singing – Masterclass May 22nd

New Article by Dena Murray!

VIDLA's Patron, author and vocal coach Dena Murray, has been kind enough to write an exclusive article for VIDLA this week. The article is called 'Dispelling the Myth - Proper Engagement of the Diaphragm', and is a tantalising glimpse into the focus of her latest book, which is available to order via Amazon, or via … Continue reading New Article by Dena Murray!

New Executive Appointment at VIDLA

The VIDLA Executive Team is delighted to announce that, as at January 2010, we will be joined by West End veteran, arranger, musical director and vocal coach Alex Weatherhill. Alex has appeared in, or acted as MD / arranger for a string of successful productions, including a 14-month run in a principal role in Chicago … Continue reading New Executive Appointment at VIDLA

IADL Accreditation Certificate

We are delighted to have received our accreditation certificate from the IADL, showing that VIDLA is a Fully Accredited Member of the International Association for Distance Learning. Our membership number is 91021. Please click the link below to see the certificate. IADL Membership Certificate.pdf